Monday, September 01, 2008

We can work it out

I was absently and hopefully singing this while scrambling up and down a hedge in search of a particular view. (Not sure how I got there from this but it seemed to work.)
Later, having received a text which said they had worked it out, I found myself singing
this and wondering if it was appropriate. (To be honest, it often has been with youngest - she's the kind of open, affectionate young woman who attracts jealous guys. Then blow me if they don't get jealous when more guys are attracted to her. And when previous guys are still attracted!).
(irrelevant photo of brambles)
All the wedding stuff seems to be going to plan. This weekend saw the stag do as well as the hen thing - Eldest appeared briefly here, three times, once with a lot of washing and later with some paintballed clothing and a trophy for being the best at quad-biking and um, not go-carting but something like it and then a third time to collect all his bits and pieces and hurry off back to Lancaster. And we got to see his pics of mountain biking in France. These actually seemed to be mostly about mountaineering and abseiling which made me feel a bit vertiginous. I'm glad I don't have to watch him doing this sort of stuff any more!
Meanwhile, we went to a sort of tiny, private music festival in Reading and listened to some very enjoyable local musicians and barbecued sausages* and generally had a good time. And I did find a few minutes to wander off and discovered a bonfire - it was a wonderfully sunny evening :)Now it transpires that I have to entertain GB probably from about 8 am tomorrow morning. I'd better go to bed or she'll have to wake me up before I can do the entertaining!
*No we didn't listen to the sausages, we barbecued them. But you could hear them sizzling if you really wanted to listen to them.