Sunday, March 11, 2007

Travel prediction: Near future.

I thought I'd try copying text from a draft into a picasa 'blog this' post. We'll see if this works!
So here's the picture....

Daffodils and flood water in the park.

And here, maybe, is yesterday's text.

I've arranged to visit eldest and since he said, "just bring the computer" maybe he can fix it. Wonderful boy :)
I've kept forgetting to arrange to visit elder sister. Must phone.
I've arranged to visit Sister in Law.
I've nearly arranged to visit friend....must phone.

Why the failure of computer to work should inhibit me from using the phone I don't know. But it does. My wires seem to have got tangled...I have computer dependancy. Laptop is doing its best (which is pretty good at the moment) but the colours on the screen are different and I don't know if my photos are also different or if it's just the screen.
Also, if I type @ I get " and vice versa. I wish I knew how to fix this.
Also, I have no access to all my address book stuff. Paralysis!
I can't seem to remember anything!
(yes, I know, I ought to have it all on hard copy. I will as soon as the machine's back)

Busy busy busy panic stress.
Have disconnected the computer and the monitor and labeled a lot of I can put them back when I get home! But we have a gig tonight so I can't pack my bag....I use the same bag for travelling and gig stuff. As we have a gig tonight, I can't put the computer in the car (we use the same car for traveling and gigs :)
Barney's doing stamps on the table downstairs so I can't lay out all my bits to it ready to pack.
And anyway I haven't got my list of stuff I always take when going away...more computer dependency.

Such an old stick in the mud...I can't get my act together.

Update: I phoned sister and friend and it's all cool.

So today it's all different. The sun's shining and I managed to get most of my stuff in little heaps ready to pack this morning. Barney's gone to a stamp fair and I can spread out all over the house without having to sidle round his personal space! (Which is large a he has long legs and a lot of stamp albums and things).
The gig went extremely well and unlike the week before (when the organiser didn't know they had to pay cash on the night and had to rush off with spouse to ransack their personal accounts to pay us....why the committee person didn't give organiser a copy of the contract I can't imagine..the organiser didn't even know we wanted to be paid on the night never mind cash!)
Anyway unlike that occasion, cash was handed over in a small envelope before we'd even started and the band was introduced and applauded just for being there. over a hundred people, all dancing all night and quite a nice sounding hall. All good.
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Got to go and finish packing and getting up now. Eldest has wifi so I should be able to post tonight. If I'm not too exhausted after sorting out computers and things. If, indeed they all work!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
Bye :)

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At 1:45 PM, Blogger Mel said...


I haven't advanced to the latter stages of computer dependency yet! ;-)
My lists are still on stickey notes.
Ummm...of course I lose the stickey notes......LOL...but I'm refusing to blame 'age'.

*puffing up proudly*
I have sooo much information in this brain, sometimes things just fall out!


Love the photo!
Green grass. *sigh*
Daffodils! *bigger sigh and a glance at the snowdrifts*

*going to sulk*

Happy visiting!

At 1:49 PM, Blogger I, like the view said...

what a gorgeous picture!

doesn't the sky look amazing

and colours! the greens! the yellows! the blues!

the water! the daffs!


hope you had good weekend

At 11:19 PM, Blogger mig bardsley said...

well at least I still know how to write Mel...I think.
Handwritten lists have proliferated during the last week!

Glad you like the daffs I. they were a bit of a surprise to was the water. Although this part of the park looks as though it ought to have water there it hardly ever has any.


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